Best Self-Defense Items To Carry During The Riots After Elections

The unrest and rioting that is going on in cities across the country is becoming increasingly apparent that it will not end anytime soon. There’s a fair possibility that any election outcomes will go to court, regardless of who wins, given the number of possible issues with this year’s elections. So, in other words, after the elections, there is almost no hope that things will be peaceful.

With that in mind, for whatever comes, we need to be prepared. Though we don’t want to be the instigators of some form of violence, we also don’t want to be the victims.

Fact says that occasionally we just have to go out, even in the middle of pandemics and riots. And there’s a distinct chance that when you least expect it, you could end up surrounded by rioters. That’s enough to make the Everyday Carry (EDC) part of any means of defense.


Your primary weapon is still your concealed carry pistol. This is one time for sure that you want to be bringing it. Even so, to avoid drawing it or even letting someone know it is there, you want to do whatever you can.

Don’t attempt to put an end to the rioting by using your weapon, as that could end up backfiring and causing a rise in crime.

The purpose for carrying a gun is to protect yourself. You’ll need to draw your gun if things get out of control and you’re in danger of life and limb. But be sure that it is completely necessary, even before you reach for it, so that you do not telegraph its presence and location to the rioters.

Make sure that you already have at least two spare magazines. If you start shooting, you do not know what will happen. You might very well have to shoot out of the situation your way.

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The AR-15 is the closest thing to a civilian weapon built for this situation that I can think of. The ease of use and reloading speed, adjusting its 30 round cartridges, ensures that as long as they keep coming after you, you can keep firing.

Only make sure that as soon as the danger to yourself is eliminated, you stop shooting. You don’t want to be found guilty of a murder spree of your own.

For a case like this, I would suggest a red dot scope, as it is the quickest and easiest optic for getting a sight on a target, even if the weapon is not exactly lined up correctly. Back it up with iron sights, even if you have to mount them at an angle, so that you have something to use if your red dot goes out.

I will use extreme caution about even carrying an AR-15 in one of these cases, since this article is about the best items to carry. If there are people holding them, then it’s all right. But you don’t want to be the only one who holds one, and you end up attracting attention. Best to keep it in the car trunk, and stick close to your car so that if you need to, you can get to it.

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A Stout Walking Stick

A decent walking stick, if you know what to do with it, is a great tool. I’m talking about one here that’s five or six feet long, not a gentleman’s walking stick that’s no larger than a cane.

A longer walking stick like this can be used, depending on which you are more familiar with, as a quarterstaff or bo staff. It gives you scope, without having to resort to weapons, over any attackers.

If you’re going to bring a staff or walking stick of some kind, then you ought to take the time to use it to practice. This is not the kind of weapon that, without practice, you can use effectively. Look online for videos that illustrate how to use them, then spend some time getting the swing of it in the backyard.

When using any weapon of this kind, the biggest thing you want to be sure of is to be sure that nobody can get their hands on it. They would be able to wrestle it out of your hands and assault you with it if an attacker takes it. You will then be forced to resort to another weapon, like your concealed carry pistol.

Martial Arts Weapons

This might be the time to make use of the experience if you have training in the use of martial arts weapons. In any battle that you might end up in, such guns will give you a distinct advantage.

The trick is to bring them in a way where no one knows that you have them. In this sense, a heavy coat, like a ski parka, can help.

Just like the staff, if you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t bother using martial arts weapons. You don’t want to be in a situation where you can turn the arms you hold against you and use them to inflict harm on you.

This is likely to happen for any gun that is taken away from you.

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Wasp Spray

I’ve always had a pepper spray issue, because it’s such a limited weapon. You have to be very close to the other person, almost putting it in their face. Then, before the can runs out, you just have enough spray for a few short shots.

As a substitute for pepper spray, several individuals have suggested wasp spray. Not only does it come in a larger can, but it’s intended for around 20 feet of shooting. This enables you to use it as a tool, spraying one person after another in the face, to clear the space around you.

However, I’ll warn you, wasp spray in all states is not considered a legal weapon. And you’ve got to make sure you follow the lethal force use requirements, even if it’s not a deadly weapon.

Body Armor

Regardless of what weapons you’re carrying, I would strongly recommend wearing ballistic body armour if you’re going to be anywhere near the riots. Even if they’re not shooting the rioters, the armor may be useful.

Dissipating the kinetic energy from a round entering it is part of the way it operates, spreading the effect out to mitigate blunt-force damage, while still stopping the bullet to avoid penetrating trauma. So if someone knocks you and tries to kick you in the face, the armor spreads the energy out of the armor, minimizing the damage it causes.

The body armor won’t help your head, however, and it may be a little too obvious to wear a military helmet. But if you happen to have a motorcycle helmet around, you may want to keep it in your car. Motorcycle helmets are not bullet-proof, but are designed to withstand injuries caused by blunt force. So if you find yourself in a tough situation, your head will be covered by having the helmet on.

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With all kinds of riots, the safest course of action is to make yourself scarce. There just isn’t a way in that case for you and me to succeed. While we might be tempted to go out and protect all that we hold dear, even trying to do that could land us behind bars. And it’s about the best that we could hope. It is truly the business of the police and the National Guard to deal with these protests.

This implies staying away from the places where rioting is likely to occur, especially the downtown area or a neighborhood where an incident that could cause violence has occurred.