What is Hydroponic Gardening?

A constant concern with preppers is food. When disaster strikes, it can be pretty hard to get—even at those times it may not be fresh or clean. This is where hydroponics comes in to save the day. Let’s find out why.

What is hydroponic gardening?

While not a particularly new way of growing food, hydroponics has recently been given quite a boost in popularity! This is the concept of growing food in an aquatic-based setting. It’s pretty much like gardening except you cut out the soil and replace it with water.

A common misconception regarding hydroponics is that it is an overly complicated process which requires extensive attention or equipment. However, this is hardly the case. This is primarily why more and more preppers are turning toward hydroponics to building their own food source.

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Why choose hydroponics over traditional farming?

Farming takes up space that not a lot of us have access to. Even if you do have access to land, you’ll be at the mercy of the quality of your soil. This is why those who are heavily invested in agriculture have their soil for testing. This is done in order to determine what sorts of crops would be able to grow there successfully without any difficulty.

There are a lot of benefits to choosing hydroponics. Here are a few:

Takes up less space

Farming traditionally takes up a lot of stretched out space. Plants need enough room to grow—if they’re too crowded; they end up dying. Hydroponics generally tends to use less space. Plants can even be grown in vertical columns without stifling the growing capability of the plants.

No weather restrictions

As hydroponics tends to be indoors, crops aren’t subject to weather or seasonal restrictions. You can continue to grow crops year round without any issue.

More food

As soil-based farming has a lot of factors like soil quality, weeds, pests, and many others, plants consume a lot of energy trying to stay alive rather than just growing. Hydroponics provides a space where they get all the light, water, and nutrients that they’ll need. This means that all their energy is dedicated to growing and producing more crops.

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All natural crops

Since you’re the one growing your food, you will know exactly what goes into them. No more fear about GMOs or pesticides that are harmful to your health.

gardening2 - Hydroponics: the Green Thumb Prepper’s Best Friend

Easier to maintain

One of the draining things about traditional gardening would be to clean out the soil for any undesirables. In hydroponic gardening, there’s a very slim chance of growing weeds. Even if you somehow do manage to find a weed, it’s very easy to pluck the whole thing out. No more struggling with deeply rooted weeds!

These are only some benefits of hydroponics. Smart preppers and homesteaders will realize that there is more to gain with hydroponics over the course of time. It also opens up the avenue for aquaponics!

Originally posted 2019-06-19 00:57:26.