Avoid These Prepper Mistakes

As more and more people are now getting into the prepping lifestyle, more and more people are making newbie mistakes that can end up costing them a lot later on. Tune in to see the mistakes that you can easily avoid and how.

A lot of people seem to underestimate the dedication required to successfully prep for any emergency situations. We received a lot of questions regarding “did I do this right?” and a lot of the time we had to be the bearer of bad news. So in order to really help those that are getting into the whole prepper lifestyle, here are the newbie mistakes and how you can avoid them!

Mistake: Not educating themselves

It takes more than just reading a blog or two to get the handle of prepping. The posts we’ve had so far barely scratch the surface of prepping.There’s the concept of homesteading and being completely self-reliant. There are those that are completely off the grid—which is a more extreme part of prepping.

In order to fully determine what kind of prepper you want to be, read up. There are a lot of available published resources on being a prepper. Right now, everyone is complacent because the internet is a viable resource. However, it is important to remember that in times of disaster, communication lines can completely shut down—this includes internet connectivity. As such, it is better to have an actual survival book on hand in order to have a physical guide on what you can continue to work on.

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Mistake: Using any container for water

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One of the more common mistakes is making use of milk jugs for water storage. Let’s face it, most people would think to use milk jugs as well. It’s something that’s probably already in the house and it’s something that can store quite a bit of liquid.

What people may not realize is that in order for water to remain potable, it must be in good storing condition. A lot of people fail to consider that they might not have completely cleaned out the milk. This can mean that bacteria are now swimming in your drinking water. Also, as most milk jugs are simply made from plastic, they can degrade over time. If you’re going to be serious about being a prepper, it’s important to read up and make the effort to install a good water filtration system and proper water storage.

Mistake: Putting all the importance of stockpiling

While stockpiling reserves IS important, there are other things that must be attended to as well. Prepping should go hand in hand with survivalism. As such, it is important to teach yourself necessary lifesaving skills. If you aren’t all that familiar with growing your own food; you should get started on that. If you aren’t familiar or fixing pipes, motors, and whatnot, you had best get started.

When the unthinkable happens; the last thing you’d want to think is “I should have done this when…”

Remember, failing to plan is pretty much planning to fail.

Originally posted 2019-06-19 00:54:45.