14 Must-Have Canned Foods You Didn’t Know Existed

There’s a justification for preppers and also even people who want to buy canned goods from a well stocked pantry. They’ve been holding on for a long time, even years. They are usually easy to prepare, many items that require no more preparation than a quick heating to ensure the food is free from harmful microorganisms. Cans come ready to store as well, no additional planning required for long-term storage to sock them away.

Some staples such as beans, soup, veggies, fruit, and pasta are typically found in the pantry of the average household, and found in large amounts in the storehouses of preppers. Those classics will quickly get boring, though. If you are looking to add some special and exotic food to your food storage for any variety in your diet or for trading, read on for a look at the following canned goods that you didn’t know existed.

  1. canned-brown-breadBread- Canned bread is absolutely a thing, and it’s available in many varieties. Although storing ingredients to make your own long-term bread is probably more practical, canned bread might be a tasty one, fast way to a full belly and getting some carbohydrates into your body. Original and Raisin Brown Bread can be sold online or in several supermarkets through B&M.
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  2. canned butterButter- Would you miss butter if you had no access to the store all of a sudden? No big deal, you can get this canned, too. A few canned butter brands are available and it’s rather expensive as it’s not canned in the USA. In a SHTF case, though, it would be a lovely treat and fat is a vital part of the diet. For a less expensive canned butter, opt for powdered butter, instead.

  3. canned puddingPudding- Canned pudding is more often found in Europe, but you can find it in stores in the US, too; as any buffet or cafeteria worker attest. Whatever your favorite type of pudding, it’s likely available in a can.


  4. canned cakeCake- A pudding in the European context which more commonly refers to a desert dish, you can get canned Spotted Dick made by Simpson’s. It is basically a sponge cake containing spices and raisins. While it doesn’t fit exactly in what we think of as a cake in everyday life, I bet it would be an amazing birthday treat in a SHTF situation.


  5. canned baconBacon- A few people don’t like bacon, so it’s great that Yoder makes it in a can for long-term storage. It is salty, fatty, and flavorful, making it perfect for spicing up bland food made from more conventional prepper foods. You don’t have to turn any of it into a bowl of soup or some powdered eggs.


  6. canned cheeseCheese- Although making your own cheese is not rocket science, it requires a lot of practical science, and it may not be easy to get by with the raw materials available. So, cheese canned in there. While it is not quite like what we consider to be ‘real’ cheese, canned cheese has plenty of fat and flavor to be a worthwhile addition to the pantry of your prepper. For reasonably priced choices check out Kraft’s Prepared Pasteurized Cheddar cheese or Heinz’s Macaroni Cheese.


  7. canned hamburgerHamburger- Generally, people think home-canned canned hamburgers are. But, it’s available in both Yoders and Keystone bottles. Pre-saisoned canned hamburger items are also available, including Yoders’ taco meat. Related: How to Can Meatloafs for Meals in a Jar


  8. canned chickenWhole Chicken- Canned whole chicken, like those available from Sweet Sue, are good for more than just the meat. When the entire chicken is canned, all the gelatin and fat is preserved, allowing you to make a fantastic chicken soup.  Related: Canning Tips for Beginners


  9. canned sandwhichSandwiches- Also known as the Candwich, these canned sandwiches will be available in several flavors. They haven’t quite hit the open market yet, but they’re coming! They come in a can about the size of a soda can with a peel off top. They are perfect for on-the-go eating.


  10. canned potato saladPotato Salad- Who knew this traditional, delicious picnic side was available in a can? Canned potato salad would be a good way to add a little flavor into your preps, and it can be eaten warm or chilled, making it a more versatile side dish than you’d possibly realized. Related: Canning Tomatillos


  11. canned tamalesTamales- Here, we are talking about entire tamales. Only fire up those canned tamales, maybe add some fresh veggies or canned cheese, and voilà! Through simply opening the can you have produced a whole meal. This provides a solid prepared meal, that can have profound positive psychological impacts. Although canned soup is nice to fill you up with a good balance, it’s just not the most satisfying food out there.


  12. canned cheeseburgerCheeseburger- Made in Switzerland, these rather expensive canned cheeseburgers aren’t very practical, but they’re a fun addition to your preps. You simply boil the whole can and open for a tasty (that’s subjective, of course) cheeseburger.

  13. canned escargotEscargot- Even if you don’t care much for fancy seafood, there are plenty of canned seafood items that could be great for bartering. Apart from escargot, you can find crab, lobster, and other shellfish canned for long-term storage.


  14. canned duck confitDuck Confit- Popular in France, canned fat duck doesn’t seem to be terribly popular in the US. However, in a SHTF scenario the high fat content in this canned dish might prove to be helpful. It’s great for soups and stews, and it adds a sumptuous touch that you won’t find often in the canned goods world.

Whatever prepping goals you set, consider adding to your stores some non-conventional canned goods. Variety is the spice of life, after all. To remain at our healthiest we need a variety of foods and because of that, people usually want a bit of variety in their diet. The humor factor that many of the above items bring to the table shouldn’t be discounted, either. When society fails, psychological well-being would be incredibly important, too, so we shouldn’t ignore our psychological needs. This is always the case with good canned storage, make sure that you store the cans properly and rotate your stock as required.