The Safest Zones In The US. Do You Live Near One?

Lately, you might be looking at your nation a little differently.

Dangerous communities and boroughs have always been there. When you think of places which have a reputation for crime, places such as Compton, Kensington, and Camden might come to mind. Since I was a boy, some of these areas have actually changed. Nonetheless, there are many areas across this country that have been unsafe and many that are getting worse.

In many of our major cities, the shift towards lawlessness has been brought on by the current mindset towards police and police funding. Many have relocated or considered moving as states bandy around the problems and individuals worry about things like natural disasters and economic decline.

In the US, what are the safest zones?

Safest Cities

There are safe havens all around this country. There are neighborhoods that have traditionally had low crime and great harmony in the population. Ownership and loyalty are the main in most of these cities and towns. Transient areas are most often unsafe, and people in these locations are more likely to commit crimes.

Let’s look at some of America’s safest cities and towns:

  • Round Rock, Texas

This smaller town in Texas is a very desirable place for preppers to live, with a population of just over 100,000. With a median income of $70,000, it is also a very safe place.

In Round Rock, the low poverty rate has a lot to do with the safety and security of this town in Texas.

As a place just outside of Austin, Round Rock has been called a “super suburb”.

  • Naperville, Illinois

This suburb of Chicago is a jewel in an environment that most individuals will not anticipate. A significant aspect of Naperville is the River Walk, but it is not the only thing this suburb provides. A population of 144,000 individuals is a strong and well-paid lot. The median income for a family is over $100,000.

The minimum crime rate per 100,000 individuals has a lot to do with the low rate of poverty, which is just over 4%. Something to be proud of is 77.6 violent crimes per 100,000 people.

Naperville’s protection could also have to do with the vast opportunities for the outdoors. With over 130 parks and 2 public golf courses, there is almost a park for every person!

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  • Port St. Lucie, Florida

Why not choose a place where the weather is beautiful if you are going to choose a new safe place to live! Port St. Lucie is a lovely tropical zone along the southern coast of Florida with a median income of $169,000 a year.

You’ll need to be ready for hurricanes. As the southern coast of Florida is at risk during hurricane season, an evacuation plan is necessary, but we are preppers!

When it comes to violent crime, you won’t have as much to think about, as there are just 115 violent crimes per 100,000 people. You’ll love the surrounding pubs, botanical gardens, marinas and preserves. Wonderful fishing on the coast, too!

Best Regions to Survive Disasters

America still has some fantastic places, along with safe cities and towns, to build a life that is far from some of the biggest threats. Know, there is only one threat to individuals. On the North American continent, mother nature may have a destructive impact and has done so in the past. From major mega volcanoes to catastrophic earthquakes

What are the best regions for major cataclysmic catastrophes to survive?

  • The Cascades

Deep enough inland and high enough to tackle things that threaten the West Coast, such as floods and tropical cyclones. The cascades are filled with survival tools, such as water, food, and wood. They are a beautiful backdrop for dealing with the post-apocalyptic world and far enough away to inherit all the mess from southern California.

In the American Redoubt, the northernmost portions of the Cascades are also found, which we will discuss later in this article.

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  • The Blue Ridge Mountains

Another range of mountains with similar advantages to the Cascades. This mountain range on the east coast covers a variety of states, with plenty of food, water, shelter, and game animals. It would not be easy to cover the land with food, but the seclusion from the chaos would be well worth it.

There is almost no chance of flooding, tsunamis, or hurricanes in this area because of the elevation and distance from the coast. The area has no seismic activity.

In the worst case scenario, the Blue Ridge mountains could become a safe refuge for millions of people to the west of some especially significant and sizable cities. That is this location’s only weakness.

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  • Appalachia

Further west still, on the other side of the blue ridge mountains in the region of Appalachia which runs from New York to Mississippi. Owing to its sparse population compared to the coasts, this is another great place to consider. Quick access to the Blue Ridge Mountains and safety from most global disasters.

Prepper Strongholds

Look for even more advantages? Perhaps you want people and places that are safe. Nothing is wrong about that. There are many locations across the nation that are not only considered secure and friendly, but also packed with preppers!

Yup! In a few places across the nation, the self-reliant and autonomous have taken refuge. In order to build their prepper group, they are also searching for more friends like them. These areas are not only packed with preppers, but are in rural areas where other individuals are as self-sufficient as the group of preppers.

  • Redoubt

Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming were proposed by James Wesley Rawles in 2011 as the American Redoubt. The Redoubt covers the eastern parts of Washington and Oregon as well. How many individuals have traveled to the American Redoubt with the intention of stockpiling, prepping, or long-term homesteading is unknown.

However, from Rawles, to John Jacob Schmitt, to the American Christian Network, there is a small community of voices that will agree with most of what you believe. Thousands of people have been estimated to have migrated to these areas as a safe refuge from our world’s rising turmoil.

The Redoubt has some considerable advantages due to its low population density and impressive access to infrastructure, as well as its low threat profile, as long as you can keep warm in the winter. You’ll still have plenty of wide open space, so you can do your own thing and be just fine if you don’t align with anything Rawles suggested!

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  • Ozarks

With some of its highest peaks between 1-2000 feet tall, the Ozarks are more of a plateau than a mountain range. It has a huge amount of advantages for the average prepper searching for a safe zone because of its position in the nation and its elevation.

Because of the altitude, the Ozarks are not affected by things like flooding, because it is in the south, it has this elevation without snow. It does not face any form of danger from earthquakes, hurricanes, or forest fires. There is a lengthy growing season with plenty of rain.

For several years, Pastor Joe Fox of Viking Preparedness extended his Shofar mountain and encouraged preppers to make their way to the Ozarks. As taken from the Book of Revelation, COOHMP or Come Out of Her, My People. In the Ozarks, an increasing prepper stronghold has taken root, making it a great place for movement and a very safe area.

Also, those in the Ozarks who are not preppers are looking to do their own stuff and simply be left alone. So it’s a sentiment both of us can appreciate!

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We live in a VAST nation full of resources of all sorts. There are unbelievably dangerous places, but the fact is that we have a lot of large open spaces that can be anything you want them to be!

Did you know that some places are even going to give you free land or pay you to live there! If you’re not tethered to a spot, we mentioned that you can take advantage of the areas. You should arrive there however, and become a part of the community. This is especially significant. Until you integrate and become a member of the community, you will never understand the full potential of any place.

Go forward and choose your fate!