The First Thing You Need To Do When The Gas Price Rises Above $5 Per Gallon


Any prepper would have many needs that gasoline can fill. There are tools, trucks and generators that need to be supplied with gas. We are going through a time right now that many of us thought we’d never see. This is gas that keeps its head bobbing just above the $2 per gallon level. That, at least, is what we see in most states.

We can’t presume that gas will remain in this price range. Although these are amazing lows relative to where we were a couple of years ago, what would happen if the gas jumped to $5 or more per gallon?

Will you be able to afford the style of life you now have?

If gas goes to $5, let’s look at some specific steps you need to take.

Stock Up On Resources

The First Thing You Need To Do When The Gas Price Rises Above $5 Per Gallon

Through the power of gasoline, any resource you rely on arrives in your hands. Our 18 wheelers, farming machinery, food, even down to the very building materials that are the foundation of everything you see, are driven by fuel.

Some things have to be transported by sea and others by air! Such items need large quantities of gasoline. We, the consumer, are going to pay the bill if the cost of the fuel goes up.

Hopefully, you’ve already been stocking up on supplies and raw materials, so investing in items like construction and repair materials, basics of food storage, medical equipment and, of course, ammunition and firearms wouldn’t hurt. If you don’t grow your own food in your backyard anymore, you might begin to do so.

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The First Thing You Need To Do When The Gas Price Rises Above $5 Per Gallon

For any form of prepper or survivalist, stocking up on fuel is an important step. However, because of use, rotation, and time it can go bad on you, you can only keep so much. With a fuel stabilizer, you can put the gas back to life again.

These are cheap and highly functional. They will put the fuel that has gotten old back into existence. You will be able to store more fuel for much longer if you use this commodity. That may be the answer to $5 per gallon of gas and beyond for survival.

Public Transportation

The First Thing You Need To Do When The Gas Price Rises Above $5 Per Gallon

You may want to do a little research on public transportation in your area, like it or not.

In terms of public transit, a lot has changed in our culture. Taking public transit to work no longer means only trains and buses.

You may find that your new favorite way to get to work could be a simple scooter or bike rental, which is provided in locations throughout even small cities. For these, they are going to charge you, but the cost could be less than filling the tank!

These strategies won’t work for you if you have a lengthy commute or need to drive a long way. In a train seat or a bus, you might have to consider getting comfortable, and the many risks that go with that.

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Save Your Money

I know that it’s easier said than done, and I know that it sounds oversimplified. Nonetheless, if we wade into radically rising gas prices, we will need additional cash on hand to cope with the many problems we have already listed.

Cut out any evening entertainment and other non-essential purchases. Remember, there’s no reason to stop there when gasoline gets to $5, and everything will be more expensive!

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Change Careers

The First Thing You Need To Do When The Gas Price Rises Above $5 Per Gallon

This will also be a time for a career change to be considered if you are still in the line of work. This doesn’t mean you can leave your job or you’re going to lose your job, but you’re better prepared for that!

Many businesses live and die because of the cost of shipping, and many businesses will close when gas goes to $5 a gallon. Shipping-based firms would die with thin profit margins.

Trucking could also be in grave danger! Be prepared for a crisis and the loss of your job or business. Often, you have to adapt to be ready for your organization to make drastic changes to survive this.

Get Away From Government Resources And Services

The First Thing You Need To Do When The Gas Price Rises Above $5 Per Gallon

A large amount of tax revenue from fuel sales is generated by state and local governments. When the price hits $5, people will start searching for other options for a gallon and gas prices will decrease. Long trips, business and freight will all become slimmer and more successful.

That drop in revenue means that they will have to tighten their belt on government services, which are already rough.

It will be a smart idea to start planning for a lifetime or a timeframe when they are no longer available or no longer successful if you are relying on government money or government services.

Log Your Miles For Business

The First Thing You Need To Do When The Gas Price Rises Above $5 Per Gallon

When it comes to gas hitting $5, another thing you should remember is how much driving you do for work.

This is incredibly important if you are a business owner. You could drive your car for thousands of miles and logging these miles allows you the freedom to write off the expense at the end of the year.

When you put out $5 per gallon of gas, those miles add up easily! Maybe now is the time to start this local small business!

If you don’t already have one, you should also go to your boss now and start the discussion on mile reimbursement or a company vehicle. Be sure that, on your own, you do not face the brunt of this price.

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The fuel price affects almost everything you see around you. You are going to be affected on your drives to and from right away. As the price of products will rise due to higher freight rates, you will also be affected at the store.

There is one significant benefit to high-priced gas, and perhaps only one. When gas prices are too poor, oil production in the nation fails. Probably, because of the overhead costs, it is an unsustainable venture in America. This would be a thriving industry again if petrol were to get up to $5 per gallon and we would be comfortably separate from the oil sheikhs on the other side of the planet!