How to Make a Nutritious One-Year Shelf-Life Vitamin Bar for Your Stockpile

Shelf stable nutrition is a big part of developing a successful food storage program. Nutritional diversity should be something that you’re concerned with while building up your deep pantry and long-term solutions for food storage.

This is one of the reasons why you see preppers concentrating on food production such as farming, livestock and even hunting far more. We all understand that a decade of rice and beans is not offering the kind of nutritional profile that anybody really wants.

You’ve got more say on what’s going into your body than you think.

Homemade Food Storage

What was once the game of a buyer, food storage, in the path of the prepper, has become just as much about DIY. One thing you can say about preppers is our abilities and motivations evolve fast. We are talking about a group that has existed for a decade, in name only.

The media representation and key sources of information told us early on that preppers were stockpilers who worked hard to buy and train in a post-collapse SHTF world to survive. That might include dried foods, guns, bunkers, and any other extreme survival measures.

In the end, the movement began to round off. It was injected with some homesteading fever and the overall quality of life was looked at before long preppers. Massive changes have begun to take place and if you had the average 2010 prepper in a room with a 2020 prepper they would speak different languages.

Property is probably the right word for this. We took ownership of processes such as food storage, food production, food preservation, relationships with the community and these things have made us much more formidable.

Understanding how to prepare and grow your own food is the foundation for the preparation of homemade food. I’ll show you how to make a thick, nutrition-filled vitamin bar that has a 1-year shelf life. Getting bars is much simpler now than you’d think. I hope you try this one.


1⁄4 cup of Sunflower seeds
1⁄4 cup Cut almonds
1⁄4 cup Fresh Cranberries
2 cups Quick-Oats
1⁄2 cup Honey
1 cup of Butter with Almond
2 tbsp Coconut oil
1 tbsp Turmeric
1⁄2 tbsp Salt
1 scoop of powdered protein


Preheat to 300 degrees on oven.

In a large bowl, mix the nuts, turmeric seeds, cranberries, and oats.

How to Make a Nutritious One-Year Shelf-Life Vitamin Bar for Your Stockpile

Add the remaining ingredients to a small saucepan, and heat up the mixture. There’s no need to boil this mix or something, just steam it up so it’s pourable and mixable.

How to Make a Nutritious One-Year Shelf-Life Vitamin Bar for Your Stockpile

In your large bowl, mix everything together and be very thorough. Try coating some of that mixture with every single oat.

How to Make a Nutritious One-Year Shelf-Life Vitamin Bar for Your Stockpile

Spread the mix in a baking dish of 8×8 in size. We will cook this mix on an exceptionally low heat for 30 minutes, and try to dry it out for long-term storage.

How to Make a Nutritious One-Year Shelf-Life Vitamin Bar for Your Stockpile

Cut them into squares once they have cooled up.

By slipping them into a mylar bag, with an oxygen absorber and sealing them, you can now increase the shelf life of these bars even further. If you store this vitamin bars this way, you can get a year and beyond.

Nutrition Facts

These vitamin bars are packing a strong nutritional punch! The nuts, seeds, turmeric and oats take this mix to serious heights and adding your protein powder elevates things like vitamin K, A, C, and iron. Using protein powders also allows you the opportunity to increase items like vitamin C with certain varieties of dried fruit without adding a bunch of sugar.

I ruled out the cranberries in the batch I produced in these pictures and the mix was perfect.

Oats are a complex carbohydrate, which means you have a source of energy that burns slowly and steadily during digestion to give you energy. Processed sugar burns easily and gets into the bloodstream like a blitzkrieg. It causes the body to release insulin so it can handle it. This is a very bad way to manage your energy systems.

All these benefits combine to make this vitamin bar simple and nutritious that can be stored for more than 1 year.

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Sealing for 1 Year and Beyond

This section will be particularly significant for those of you who have never used mylar and oxygen absorbers. You could probably get 1 year out of these bars on the shelf if you kept them in airtight zip locks, and perhaps stored them as a second layer of protection in a Tupperware.

However, you should invest in some Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers to ensure you get the necessary shelf life and that these vitamin bars are there for you when you need them: 50cc Oxygen Absorbers, Quart Sized Mylar Bags.

Fill the quarter bags with your cut bars about 3⁄4 of the way and drop into one 50cc oxygen absorber. Squeeze as much air as possible out of your bags, and use a hair straightener to seal the closed bags.

Don’t forget to mark the bags, so when they were sealed you know what they are. You have nutritious vitamin bars at this point, that will last 1 year and beyond!

Much more than beans, rice, and canned goods can make up your prepper pantry and long-term food storage plan. You can create what you really want by creating your own foods and packing them out yourself.

These nutritious vitamin bars will give you a one-year shelf life and become a great snack to love with your family. Know, in those rows, you can add or remove ingredients. Those ingredients can also be modified.

If you do not like them, don’t use sunflower seeds! Use walnuts or whatever else. Use peanut butter if you have no almond butter at home than this. The taste will be different, but all the same, it will get the work done. That’s the beauty of cooking your own foods for survival, you can make them anyway you want!

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