Best Brands of Prepper Bug Out Pants

Preppers most often tend to concentrate on the more exotic aspects of prep and survival gearing up. We best outdoor hunting pantsget all the bases covered with water stocks, food supplies, defense weaponry, ammunition, first aid kits, tools, gear, bags and everything else that goes with getting ready to Bug Out. But, what are you going to wear? Cut off shorts and flip flops just won’t get it long term, or really short term either.

Even under ideal (really?) Bug Out conditions, any scenario when people have to evacuate their primary residence, worksite, or home ground is going to be tough. Stress, anxiety, fear, and apprehension peak during these events and every part of your plan and execution is tested to the max. Every piece of gear and all your supplies will be pressed to the limit.  This is not a time for your basic clothing to fail.  So, Bug Out in sturdy, tough, long-wearing pants.

The Wear and Tear

Pants seem to catch the brunt of the wear as a daily clothing item. It does not matter if it is at work, play, recreation like hunting, fishing or ATV riding, pants catch hell literally at every movement. Just ask any construction worker, farmer, rancher, logger, or anybody having to be in the outdoors every day. Besides footwear, pants are the most basic part of prepper clothing.

If you Bug Out, you are likely going to be outside doing a lot of tasks, jobs, projects, and work that places plenty of wear and tear on pants. Simple everyday activities like working a garden, gathering firewood, hunting for food, outside property or structure repair or maintenance will mean that your pants will receive a lot of abrasions, scraping, pulling, and stressing seams and wear points. You want pants that will last a long time and withstand all the movements and stresses of prepper surviving.

You know what wears out first on the pants you have now. Usually, it is a foundation seam like the seat crotch, pockets, and then the knees, not in any particular order. I have several pairs of pants with only the knees blown out. Some of those have been patched 3-4 times. They usually get cut off, made into shorts. That limits their uses for many tasks.

What you want to shop for and buy for Bug Outs and other survival type tasking is the ultimate in outdoor wear pants. This often means industrial or construction work wear, but not always. Sometimes they are one and the same. There are several brands worthy of consideration and trial.

Prime Prepper Pants

Preppers want to know specifically what to buy, not just hints or a maybe. Simply put here is a list of pants brands that have proven wear and tear capability. These include Duluth Trading, Carhartt, Tractor Supply’s Schmidt, and Northern Tool’s Gravel Gear are all top brands for really tough, long-wearing pants. All else being equal these brands make pants to take a lot of abuse, and hard wear. They are sewn tough, with tough materials.

Sorry guys, blue jeans are great for camp wear, daily use, and light duty. They are comfortable especially for driving. When it comes to the nasty jobs of prepping and survival, especially outdoors, leave the jeans behind. Elect proven hardware pants for prepping.

Originally posted 2019-06-19 00:37:54.