This Is How to Improve Your Home Security System


We have covered issues of the surveillance state that exists in several prior articles. It would do you some good to return to these and refresh yourself on what is happening regarding the ongoing surveillance that is carried out against you by your government. In consideration of this serious threat to your liberty and preps, I present this article to give you some food for thought regarding your personal security system for your residence.

A recent article surfaced about 6/26/17 entitled “Next Generation 911 Centers Spy Inside Homes and Businesses” put out by I need to give you an excerpt from this article, as it is critical to the points I’m going to cover:

“According to an article in the Telegraph; Houston County’s $46.5 million dollar 911 center allows police to spy inside homes and businesses.

“If the alarm goes off at your business; 911 operators will be able to view a live video stream from the security surveillance system and tell law enforcement what’s happening.  And…we’ll be able to have video streaming like if a burglar alarm goes off at a store. We can see inside of the store and see who’s there;” Houston County Sheriff’s Capt. Ricky Harlowe said.”

Well, there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth!

How This Effects Preppers and Preparedness Endeavors

Hey, preppers! That means your ADP/Brinks/Whatever-Security-Company will be able to show law enforcement all your preps! All your happy meals and food; all your supplies; and everything of how your house is laid out! They can see all of it (and you!) at any time; with the click of a button!

This is especially worrisome as it assists them in confiscating your supplies in a national emergency when Executive Order 13603 (which allows the government to confiscate all natural resources and private supplies – including human labor pressed into service) is initiated. All for the “public good;” of course.

Tailor your Security System Free of the “Umbilicus” of a Security Firm

To avoid any extraneous invasive measures of your friendly government, a way to avoid this is to build yourself a security system that is closed. The problem you’ll have is that in order for it to be closed, you will probably have to forgo a response from a security company. Then again, that will involve a guy in “khaki” pants and loafers with a sky-blue button-down Oxford grabbing the telephone and dialing 911. Wow. Some response, right?

Do not tie your cameras into the internet. If the cameras are attached to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder), you can capture the theft or break-in and record it without transmitting a live stream to a police department via your fawning, smiling, “preppy” security firm. If you must have a response? Just get the break-in sensors that alert the security firm minus the cameras.

If they won’t go for it, then forget it. Far better for you to have cameras where the would-be intruders can see them with signs posted to show that your property is monitored. They don’t (and won’t) know the extent or limitations, and you’ll still have it all recorded. Then you don’t have “Big Brother” in your house, snooping over your stuff at any given moment.
The security system should also serve the purpose of allowing you to monitor things yourself when you’re in the home and relaxing or asleep. There are plenty of motion sensors that will alert you to look at the screen that shows what your cameras are recording. Then (depending on your geographic locale; i.e. your friendly state’s laws) you can deal with it in the manner you deem necessary and appropriate.

I also put out some info in articles on how to rig up an early warning system for your property if an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) hits and takes out all of your gadgets. I highly recommend rereading them. One more tip: if you should ever have an intruder prowl your premises; after the encounter, switch the locations of your cameras. Change their position. Never make it “easy” on the bad guys, and close your system off so that it doesn’t stream out to the rest of the world. Remember: the bad guys sometimes wear a badge. Fight that good fight, practice good OPSEC, and drink coffee!