How to Can Chicken Chipotle Taco Meat

We love chicken chipotle tacos and this is pretty versatile since you can use chicken or turkey raw or cooked. I like to do this with leftover turkey.

First, take  3 cans or frozen Orange juice and one can of chipotle peppers ( if you like real spicey you can add 2 cans of peppers). This will make around 10 pints. If you have juice leftover you can freeze and save to use next time you can this.

I put the peppers in my mini chopper (you can use a food processor or a blender) then put the orange juice and peppers in a pan and add 3 cans of water. Bring this to a boil. Meanwhile, put the chicken or turkey (raw or cooked) in pint jars.

Pour the boiling juice/pepper mixture over the chicken/turkey in the jars then run a knife along the sides to get out the air bubbles. Put on the lids and rings then processes for 75 minutes at 15 pounds of pressure (check your owners manual for the correct pressure for your altitude).

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When done pull out of canner.

When you get ready to eat just pour into a pan.

Reduce down until the liquid is cooked down.

Put on a warmed flour tortilla top with cheese, lettuce and whatever else you like on your tacos.

I love having several jars of this on hand it is nice on a busy night to just open a jar heat it up and have supper.

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