Tips to Learning Self Defense for Women

Women need to make self-defense a priority. The kind of attitude predators have is that it can’t happen to you and it can only happen to other people. The more informed you are, the more ready you’ll become whenever a predator targets you.

With self-defense knowledge, all the fear you develop whenever you get attacked diminishes. Here are 5 tips to learning self-defense for women.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

Preparing yourself mentally for any violent attack is similar to preparing for an emergency, which if denied, can cost you a lot. Mental preparations mean you’re able to take quick actions whenever there’s an emergency. With enough courage, you can take safety precautions because being in fear prevents you from processing such realities.

Whenever you’re in any danger, open up your mind to possibilities of being affected. You need to force yourself to think about what you would do if someone attempted to rob, rape or kidnap you. With such thoughts, you’ll manage to overcome fear and defend yourself in case such things occur.

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Create a Plan

Attend a self-defense seminar or watch related videos online to learn self-defense skills you’ll need to defend yourself against an attacker. Practice the techniques you learn from such classes and use your mind to strategically plan for different scenarios likely to occur. Imagining life-threatening situations is the key to training your mind and body.

Follow Your Intuition

Intuition is the best weapon a woman can have in case of an attack. As a human, you’re able to make judgments based on your intuitions. Most people tend to brush their intuition off as just paranoia. Trusting your intuition can help you note the differences between worry and real fear. Always trust your instincts and be safe rather than become a victim of violent crimes.

Avoid Looking Like a Victim

Most predators focus on women with long hair, braids or ponytail because they can be grabbed easily. They also look at factors such as short skirts or any type of clothing that can be easily cut or removed. Controlling your circumstances, settings and accessibility makes you hard to target.

Walking with purpose and confidence, and staying in areas with many people are some precautions you can take. Avoid distractions such as walking with your hands full of bags or looking through your bag. Wear a face that shows you’re someone who can’t be messed with to keep attackers at bay.

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Know Your Strengths and an Attacker’s Weaknesses

You should know that your elbow is the strongest part of your body. Therefore, whenever you are close to your attacker, use it. If you happen to find yourself on the ground, use your legs to kick your attacker. Focus on the weakest points of an attacker such as the eyes, knees, groin, and throat.

If attacked from behind around your waist, pinch your attacker hard in between the armpit and the elbow, the upper inner thigh or under the arm. These are areas where muscles can be easily pulled from the bones.


It is frightening to face the possibility of being a victim of any kind of a violent crime. With the above-mentioned tips, there’s no need to live a life filled with fear and paranoia.

However, you can’t always control every situation, but can always make smart life choices to avoid unnecessary risks. Most importantly, learn to trust your instincts to defend yourself.

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Originally posted 2019-06-19 01:31:36.