Bushcraft Skills For Surviving in The Wild

Being survival veterans, we can assure you that survival in the wild is not easy! You need to have the right equipment and skills. Without this perfect combination, you could actually be stuck in deep mud! Being a novice, these skills may evade you, but do not worry — we will definitely help you.

One of the most important tools in such a situation is a survival knife from Perkin Knives or any other reputed store. Of course, make sure that you know the local rules and regulations about carrying a knife.

Apart from the usual GPS system, light, shelter building tools, and survival gear, you will also need to know the bushcraft skills for survival. You need to learn them for being able to survive in the wild! One wrong move could send you on a downhill spiral into a pit of despair.

Nobody would want that! So, get ready to learn the skills and become a survival veteran yourself!

What Bushcraft Skills can help you out in the Wild?

Wilderness is not your enemy if you know how to use its elements to your advantage. Here are a few survival skills that can help you survive in the wild:

1. Get Clean Water: Water is life! You can go for a few days without food, but a few hours without water can be dangerous! If you go for more than a week; you are not going to survive. But, that is stretching the limit. The average is 4 to 5 days! So, you need to find drinking water ASAP. You need to find a water source along with means to purify the water. Here is how:

7. Sand Filter: For this, you will need to find a sandy area. Collect some sand and wash it well with water from your water source. Use plastic bottles to create a layer of sand then attach a clean cloth at the open end. Invert the bottle, so that the sand falls on the cloth. Cut out the bottom of the plastic bottle. Feed water to the sand filter from this end! This will at least clear out the impurities. This method can be applied if you do not have a mini filter.

2Make a Shelter: If you have a tent very good, but if you are in a forested area; it would be good to build another shelter up in the trees as well. For that, you will need a tarpaulin. If you have nothing; or all your gear was destroyed, you can always use some sticks of wood and dried leaves to create your spider shelter. It is a sustainable shelter, made from natural products. Stores offer many knives like a survival knife in the UK. You could cut the branches for the base structure of the shelter. But, remember to check in with the local rules and regulations.

3. Light a Fire: Did you know that fire can actually be the source of the other two survival elements?! Heat and smoke! It can save you from hypothermia, help you cook meat and so many other activities! Here is how you can build one even without any tools:

  •  Peel off some thin bark a dead tree for the tinder.
  •  Get some more tinder in the form of thin branches from bushes. It is a gradual progress from fast burning tinder to slow burning tinder.
  •  Next, you need kindling. This can be found in the form of some twigs and thin branches.
  • Finally, you have the fuel in the form of medium to larger logs. Choose the fuel according to the size of your fire.
  • Finally, you need two sticks or rocks to rub together to get the spark, which will light the fire.
  •  If you have a lighter or matches, use the same process and light the fire with your tools.

4. Use Navigation: You must be carrying a GPS system, but sometimes that can fail. Under such conditions, you can always use a handy compass. It is, after all, the original navigation system used by sailors and navigators. They used the stars before that, but it would be advisable not to venture out into the unknown in darkness. Plus, you need to rest and sleep to gain your strength.

5. Create Rescue Signal: Somebody maybe looking for you, so you need to signal to them your location. This can be achieved in two ways:

Smoke: Create a fire and turn it into a subdued one, so that smoke emits from it! Then use a cloth to send out smoke signals to anyone flying above. Even if you find someone calling out to you, it will be difficult for them to locate you. You could this tactics to signal to them your location.

Pebbles and clothes: You could create an “I am here” or Help Me” on the ground for helicopters flying above! For this you will need to clear an area. Use pebbles; clothes and debris to create the letters. Make it clearly visible; so that helicopters can see it from air.

6. Make Ropes: Did you know that ropes can be really useful while you are out in the wild? But wait, you forgot to pack them, or have run out of ropes! What do you do? Build some yourself! All you need is some semi-dried vines, but make sure that you choose sturdy ones! You could also use plants like the ones from the Yucca family. These can be really useful to create a strong rope, once the flesh of the leaves has been pounded out. These ropes can be used for building shelters, create fishing line and other survival tasks!

7. Procure Food: You need to find food! It is true that you can go for days without food, but that will drain your energy. Why would you want to risk that? Build traps with dead tree trunks and sticks. You could also use a knife or a sharp rock to build a spear for hunting. Dig into the ground to find tubers! This way you will be able to find food and stay alive for days.

Now that you are equipped, you can head out in the wild! Do not let the wilderness become your adversary, use your bushcraft skills and modern technology to survive in the wild. You will definitely emerge victoriously (and have a gala adventure too)!

Originally posted 2019-06-19 01:07:41.